May 4, 2012

Quality Lessons By Asking the Right Questions

Questions to ask while preparing a lesson
1. What principles do I want the young women  to know and apply?
2. Which verses should I search to help the young women discover the principle?
3. What should the young women look for as they search these verses?
4. What questions can I ask to make sure young women understand the principle?
5. Is there anything I can do to have the young women learn from each other?
6. What applications do I want the young women to make?  What can I do to help them?

Questions to ask after preparing a lesson

1. Is there variety in the lesson?
2. Have I asked the Lord to help me teach the lesson with power?
3. Is there opportunity for class participation?
4. Have I prayed about the young women? 

Preparation Questions:
1. What is the object of this lesson?
2. What are the principles or doctrines to be covered?
3. What the converting life-changing principles?
4.What would be most beneficial to the young women I teach?

Search Questions:
Search questions should avoid YES/NO responses and obvious answers.  Search questions requires students to look in the scriptures for answers.

Analyze Questions:
Analyze questions require your class to think and ponder the significance of what they are studying.

-What did you find.....what evidence...
-What does it mean...
-Why is is that...How is it that...
-What is...the difference...are the differences...
-How do you think...How does
-What are some ways...

Application Questions
Application questions require the class to look at their lives and what they might do to make their lives better.

-What have you learned...
-What difference would it make if...
-When have you felt...
-What do you feel/think God wants
-Share a time ...or experience...
What does God..expect...desire...

* adapted from a teaching guide for seminary teachers

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