Jul 9, 2012

Scripture Journals

Do you have a scripture journal?  

--a journal to record all of your favorite scripture references and special insights you have gained while reading them?

Shannon from theredheadedhostess.com shares how to get started and the importance of reading and studying the scriptures.

This video is 41 minutes ...and well worth yout time.....ENJOY!!

Jul 2, 2012

Writing to a Missionary

Are you writing to a missionary?  Do you wonder what to say or write about?
 Here are some ideas.  The most important thing to remember is to keep your letters light and  positive.  Your missionary needs encouraging, uplifting, even spiritual letters that make him or her better after having read them.
Things to ask about

  • The work
  • Their schedule
  • The culture
  • Their experiences
  • Who are the teaching?
  • When they tell you about an investigator, follow up and ask about them
Things to share

  • Insights you’ve gained in the scriptures, seminary or Church lessons
  • Testimony building experiences you’ve had
  • News about mutual friends who are also serving missions
Things to avoid

  • Asking how many baptisms they have had
  • Don’t complain or criticize them if they haven’t written back to you
  • Mentioning problems that arise at home. There are some problems they should know about, but many that would only distract or worry them unnecessarily
Good Things in small packages

  • Missionaries love receiving thoughtful packages but make sure to honor the guidelines of their mission
  • Remember to keep your gifts simple. Include an extra item for their companion
  • Check before sending off a box to a missionary abroad-due to custom fees
Messages from Family and Friends

  • Tell them the important things that are happening in your life with school, family, and the gospel.
  • Encouraging, friendly, non-romantic letters
  • You can help them focus on the work of the Lord with uplifting letters and reassurance that they are where they need to be.

  • Avoid gossip stories or what party you went to last week
  • Do not write “I love you” “I miss you” “I can’t wait to see you again..this is very distracting.
  • Avoid romantic allusions