May 12, 2012

Dare to Stand Alone

Scared to Death
This picture is me at the challenge course at the Heber Valley Girls Camp in Heber, Utah... and I was as scared as I have ever been. 

I am petrified of heights and if you could see my face... you would know that.  My daughters remind me often, while laughing, that "you should have seen your face mom!"  No doubt, it was a scary thing.

I knew I was safe.  I had a harness, and I was connected to a cable. I had these loving guides all around me, including an audience of young women and leaders below encouraging me along and cheering for me to keep going and not give up. 

 I knew if I happened to slip and fall (heaven forbid), I would just swing and dangle around.  I wouldnt' really fall and get hurt.

 For me, I just had to keep talking myself through every step forward.  I could feel every step.  Each one felt like the greatest performance. 

I was reminded how completely dependent I am upon others and the Lord.  And with faith and the support of others, weak things in our lives, are possible. We can accomplish anything we set our mind to accomplish.

Check out this must read talk from  the October 2011 General Conference! 
President Thomas S. Monson

I encourage you to have the strength to try hard things, to be the first, or the only one if necessary to stand for what you know to be true. 

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