Apr 26, 2012

Standing as Witnesses

What does it look like to stand as witnesses?

It looks like this ... a group of young women pausing to offer a prayer before running in a High School Cross-country race, not worrying what it may look like, or what others might think. Instead, they turn to the Lord to recieve the strength and faith to run their best race, knowing in whom they trust, that He will be with them in this race just as He is in their individual lives.

and this...

Our High School Homecoming dance fell on the same weekend as General Conference.

What- to- do?

Should the young men just "skip" the priesthood session of conference for the homecoming date???

Not with this group of youth!

They just simplified their date.

The Young Women insisted that their dates attend the priesthood session of conference first. They arranged for them to go to the stake center closest to our house. All the girls in the group got ready at one house so after priesthood session, the young men could pick up everyone at the same place and save time.

While the young men were being instructed my prophets and apostles, the young women were getting all beautiful for the dance.

and it looks like this...

Melinda Smith Photography

After last General Conference when Elder Bednar gave {this talk} about the youth doing family history, this 17 year old decided to try it out. She not only tried it out, but has fallen in love with it.

Since October conference, (6 months ago), she has researched, and found hundreds and hundreds of her ancestor's family names. She has prepared all of the names to recieve their temple ordinance. She has had the joy of going to the temple and participating in baptisms for the dead. She has also coordinated and arranged for the other temple ordinances to be done by family members as well as members of her ward.

She loves to work in the Family History library and says she feels strengthened by her ancestors. She knows they are with her encouraging her to keep going.

This, is what it means and looks like

to stand as witnesses!

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